Fertilization and Lime Schedule

Any established lawn will need some fertilization. Yard Chief realizes that to attain a premium lawn, home owners need a regular schedule of good fertilization and lime practices. This may require a more frequent mowing schedule for the peak times of the year, reducing the frequency of mowing as the season changes.  We can automatically adjust your mowing schedule to meet the seasonal changes and your financial needs.  Highly fertilized “premium” lawns may need to be mowed weekly during the growth season and as the season changes, may slow to a biweekly mowing schedule.

Lime and fertilizer applications are part of our spring clean-up unless the homeowner specifies otherwise. Yard Chief will include a FREE estimate, based upon square footage, that includes both with and without lime and fertilizer costs. Periodic fertilization of an established lawn is important because it keeps the lawn looking good, maintains density, and reduces how much you have to water. It also helps control weeds, insects, and diseased pests. Unfertilized lawns will gradually lose density, allow undesirable grasses (such as crabgrass) and broad leaf weeds (dandelions and clover) to encroach, and increases soil erosion. Fertilizer provides nutrients to the soil. Lime is used to control the acidity (PH level) of the soil.

Yard Chief recommends the following fertilization schedule:

  • Spring Clean-up: application of fertilizer and lime – May
  • Weed and feed application – early June to late July
  • Summer fertilization – August to September
  • Fall application of lime – October