Residential Spring and Summer Services

Spring is around the corner!

Establishing and maintaining a healthy lawn is one of the least expensive things you can do to improve the value of your home. Besides creating a beautiful landscape, it creates a safer and more pleasing recreational area.

Yard Chief provides a wide variety of Spring and Summer Services that allow the homeowner to concentrate on the other priorities that the family may enjoy i.e. fishing, camping, hiking etc.  All our estimates are free. Here at Yard Chief, we will measure your yard to determine the square footage and your cost is derived from that square footage. We provide everything from Spring Cleanups to Grounds Maintenance, and conclude summertime services with Fall Cleanups.

Lawns are mowed and maintained on a schedule that works for you. We can schedule any of our services to meet your needs. Yard Chief prefers to remove all debris from the property.

Winter Damage Clean-up

Removal of winter debris, fence repairs, sweep driveway sand and debris. Major corrective pruning of trees or shrubs from winter and moose damage. Power wash decks, patios, and driveways.

Spring Clean-up Services

Prices start at $150.00. Call for a free estimate. These prices vary depending on your needs. Spring Clean-ups are our way of saying that we are “tired of winter and ready for everything to green up for summer”.

Spring Clean-ups include: blowing out your flower/shrub beds, raking/blowing leaves and debris, de-thatching the lawn, mowing, and trimming. An application of lime and fertilizer is recommended, unless the homeowner requests otherwise. All leaves and grass clippings will be bagged and removed from the property for disposal unless the homeowner has a compost bin or if mulching was requested.

Lawn De-thatching

Thatch is the layer of dead grass and roots that lie between the top of the lawn grass and the soil layer itself. Thatch, if not removed, will build up and not only prevents nutrients from being absorbed into the soil but also causes water to run off rather than being absorbed. Removing thatch is a vital part of lawn maintenance. The need for thatching normally comes from poor watering practices and conditions, excessive nitrogen, poorly drained, compacted, and acidic soils. De-thatching, core aeration, proper lime and fertilization application practices along with proper watering will keep your lawn looking good and healthy.  

Our crews will use a power rake that has three rows of tines that rotate to remove this thatch. Thatch will then be collected and disposed of off-site.

Lawn Aeration Services

Price starts at $90.00 depending on the size of property and if plugs are to be picked up and removed.  Call for free estimate. This service is available during spring, summer, or fall.

Aeration is the process of breaking up compacted soil. Our crews will use a walk behind plug aerator that pulls plugs out of the ground thereby breaking up hard compacted soil. This allows nutrients, air, and water to be readily absorbed into the grass root system, thereby producing a much healthier lawn. These plugs can be removed or left to decompose and provide nutrients back into your lawn (recommended). This is a key part of how we create and maintain a healthy yard.

Summer Services

Yard Chief can set you up with a mowing schedule that meets your needs.  All mowing schedules include debris removal.  Yard Chief has monthly/seasonal/yearly rates.  All estimates are free.